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Polyeco Easy

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Polycarbonate thickness

Polyeco Easy Polytunnel: reliable, durable , and simple.

  1. Construction Quality:

    • The Polyeco Easy boasts a robust construction with 20x20 mm galvanized steel pipes, providing a sturdy framework designed to withstand the test of time. The thoughtful arch design and 67 cm arch spacing make assembly a breeze, seamlessly connected with M5 screws.
  2. Durability and Installation:

    • Crafted with precision, Polyeco Easy features galvanized pipes meeting high-quality standards, ensuring longevity in diverse weather conditions. Simplified installation is achieved with mounting legs securely anchoring the structure approximately 35 cm deep in the ground.
  3. Innovative Technology:

    • Unlike traditional methods, the Polyeco Easy utilizes special arch connection technology for swift, welding-free assembly. The innovative KRAB system guarantees secure front and rear assembly. Conveniently packed for transportation, the comprehensive package includes a frame, European-made 4mm or 6mm thick channel polycarbonate sheets, and all necessary fasteners.
  4. Premium Exterior:

    • The greenhouse's exterior is clad in high-quality European polycarbonate, delivering durable and insulating covering. This not only ensures crop longevity but also provides excellent thermal insulation for optimal growing conditions.
  5. Access and Ventilation:

    • The Polyeco Easy Polytunnel is designed for convenience with a two-part door at the front and a strategically placed window at the back, offering easy access and ventilation options to enhance your gardening experience.
  6. Conclusion:

    • Elevate your gardening experience with the Polyeco Easy, where simplicity meets durability. It's the perfect companion for cultivating a thriving garden. Order yours today and witness the excellence of Lithuanian craftsmanship.


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In 2016, Elvis, the visionary founder of PolyEco Greenhouses, embarked
on a journey that would redefine the landscape of home gardening.
Renting a plot on the allotment site, he quickly realized the importance
of a reliable greenhouse. However, his initial timber-framed creation
with a polyethylene cover proved short-lived, succumbing to the harsh
winter in 2018 after just two years.

Undeterred by this setback, Elvis saw an opportunity to innovate and
provide a solution for fellow garden enthusiasts. Spring of 2019 marked
the birth of PolyEco Greenhouses, driven by a mission to empower
individuals to cultivate their own produce without the financial burden
of costly glass structures or the disappointment of subpar plastic
polytunnels. Today, PolyEco stands as a testament to resilience,
quality, and a commitment to making home gardening accessible to all.



"I had one installed last year, so this is my first year growing veg. They are amazing. I would recommend raised beds inside. Sturdy, hold up to wind, and give you 2 growing slots for veg, unlike a traditional veg plot."

Ruth Gardener

"Mine has survived Storm Babet completely unscathed. Great polytunnel!"

Karen Lawson

"The guys worked so hard in awful weather conditions. Thick mud and near-constant rain, but they had my 10m x 3m tunnel up in 2 days! Now I have to let it dry out inside a bit so I can get in there. I am so excited to get growing. 10/10 and 5 stars from me."

Dawn Theodore

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