The Ace

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The Ace

Unlock the full potential of your farming or commercial growing venture with the Polyeco Ace Greenhouse

Durable Polycarbonate Cover

The Polyeco Classic boasts a robust twin-wall 6mm polycarbonate cover, providing unparalleled plant durability and protection. Shield your garden from the elements and nurture your plants with confidence.

Battle tested wind resistance

Polyeco Classic is not just a greenhouse; it's a fortress. With high wind resistance, it's engineered to withstand nature's fiercest blows, ensuring your plants stay protected even in the harshest weather

Each Polyeco Classic comes with ground anchors, securing your greenhouse firmly to the earth. Rest easy, knowing your investment is anchored
against unpredictable weather.

Versatile Building Anywhere

The Polyeco Ace doesn't just stop at flexibility and innovation – it also provides a solid foundation for your greenhouse.

The Polyeco Ace offers versatile installation options, allowing it to be
constructed either directly on a concrete base or on a specially designed base frame equipped with anchors. This strategic design significantly boosts stability, firmly securing your greenhouse to the
ground. This becomes particularly vital in regions susceptible to adverse weather conditions, ensuring the resilience and steadfast anchoring of your greenhouse structure.

Customizable Dimensions

The Polyeco Ace stands out as a truly bespoke greenhouse solution, allowing you to tailor it to your specific requirements. With the flexibility to choose any width and length, this greenhouse ensures that no space is wasted, maximizing your cultivation area for optimal results.

Please note that the prices listed below are applicable to the 4m wide Polyeco Ace Greenhouse. For inquiries regarding larger or custom-sized Polyeco Ace greenhouses, we invite you to reach out to us directly. Contact us via email at

or call our dedicated sales line at 10473 970427

to receive a personalized quote tailored to your specific requirements. Our team is ready to assist you in exploring the possibilities and providing you with the information you need to make the best choice for your greenhouse needs.

Polyeco Ace
Polyeco Ace
Polyeco Ace
Polyeco Ace
Polyeco Ace
Polyeco Ace

Polyeco Ace

Customizable Dimensions: Your vision knows no bounds, and neither does the Polyeco Ace. Crafted to your specifications, this greenhouse can be constructed in any width and length, ensuring a perfect fit for your unique space and needs.

Advanced Materials: Encased in 6mm twin-wall polycarbonate, the Ace promises
superior durability and optimal light diffusion. This robust material not only
shields your plants from harsh weatherbut also creates an ideal microclimate for
year-round growth.

Rainwater Management:
While we currently don't offer a bespoke guttering system, the Ace's design
seamlessly integrates with standard off-the-shelf guttering solutions, allowing for
efficient rainwater management and recycling.

Flexible Base Options:
Understanding the diverse needs of ourvcustomers, the Polyeco Ace offers
unparalleled flexibility in installation. It can be effortlessly built upon an existing hard
standing base, seamlessly integrating into your current setup. For those requiring a
more comprehensive solution, we offer an optional base frame equipped with ground
anchors, ensuring a stable and secure foundation for your greenhouse. This
adaptability makes the Ace a versatile choice for a variety of landscapes and conditions.

Versatile Accessory Options
The Polyeco Ace Greenhouse is not Just a greenhouse; it's a canvas for your
horticultural artistry. With a range of accessory options, it caters to every
gardener's dream. Choose from barn-style doors or opt for practical double opening
doors for ease of access and ventilation. Automated roof vents or side vents add to
the greenhouse's smart functionality, allowing for optimal climate control with
minimal effort.

Robust structure
But that's not all - the real strength of the Ace lies in its sturdy structure. Engineered to support additional accessories or the weight of plants you wish to attach, this greenhouse stands resilient against the elements and the demands of intensive gardening. Whether you're hanging heavy baskets of blooms or installing supplementary lighting systems, the Ace's robust frame ensures everything stays securely in place, making it a truly versatile and reliable choice for your gardening needs.

Why Choose Polyeco Ace?

In a world where polyethylene-covered greenhouses are the norm, the Polyeco Ace stands out as a beacon of quality and sustainability. Its robust construction, tailored fit, and advanced features provide an environment where plants thrive, translating into higher yields and better quality produce.

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