Polyeco EASY

Easy assembly

Polyeco EASY

Your Quick-Assembly polytunnel Solution

Polyeco Easy
Polyeco Easy
Polyeco Easy
Polyeco Easy
Polyeco Easy
Polyeco Easy
Polyeco Easy
Polyeco Easy
Polyeco Easy

Polyeco Easy

Polyeco Easy Polytunnel: reliable, durable , and simple.

  1. Construction Quality:

    • The Polyeco Easy boasts a robust construction with 20x20 mm galvanized steel pipes, providing a sturdy framework designed to withstand the test of time. The thoughtful arch design and 67 cm arch spacing make assembly a breeze, seamlessly connected with M5 screws.
  2. Durability and Installation:

    • Crafted with precision, Polyeco Easy features galvanized pipes meeting high-quality standards, ensuring longevity in diverse weather conditions. Simplified installation is achieved with mounting legs securely anchoring the structure approximately 35 cm deep in the ground.
  3. Innovative Technology:

    • Unlike traditional methods, the Polyeco Easy utilizes special arch connection technology for swift, welding-free assembly. The innovative KRAB system guarantees secure front and rear assembly. Conveniently packed for transportation, the comprehensive package includes a frame, European-made 4mm or 6mm thick channel polycarbonate sheets, and all necessary fasteners.
  4. Premium Exterior:

    • The greenhouse's exterior is clad in high-quality European polycarbonate, delivering durable and insulating covering. This not only ensures crop longevity but also provides excellent thermal insulation for optimal growing conditions.
  5. Access and Ventilation:

    • The Polyeco Easy Polytunnel is designed for convenience with a two-part door at the front and a strategically placed window at the back, offering easy access and ventilation options to enhance your gardening experience.
  6. Conclusion:

    • Elevate your gardening experience with the Polyeco Easy, where simplicity meets durability. It's the perfect companion for cultivating a thriving garden. Order yours today and witness the excellence of Lithuanian craftsmanship.


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Polycarbonate thickness

Durable Polycarbonate Cover

The Polyeco Classic boasts a robust twin-wall 4mm or 6mm polycarbonate cover, providing unparalleled plant durability and protection. Shield your garden from the elements and nurture your plants with confidence.

Battle tested wind resistance

Polyeco Classic is not just a greenhouse; it's a fortress. With high wind resistance, it's engineered to withstand nature's fiercest blows, ensuring your plants stay protected even in the harshest weather

Each Polyeco Classic comes with ground anchors, securing your greenhouse firmly to the earth. Rest easy, knowing your investment is anchored
against unpredictable weather.

Versatile Building Anywhere

The Polyeco Classic is not bound by limitations. Build it on any surface without the hassle of preparing a base. Whether on an existing hard standing base, a field, paddock, garden, or allotment, experience the freedom to choose your ideal growing location.


Enhanced Stability with Ground Anchoring: Every arch of our greenhouse is reinforced with two T-shaped anchors, each delving 1 foot deep, ensuring a robust foundation. Additionally, both front and rear pillars are secured with an extra T-shaped anchor. The total count of ground anchors varies based on the greenhouse's size and model. For instance, the Classic model features eight ground anchors for each 2-meter segment, providing exceptional stability and durability.

The standard kit includes one manual stable-type door with a window below and another window positioned at the rear of the greenhouse. If you desire additional doors, they are available as optional extras and can be added to both sides of the greenhouse for enhanced convenience and accessibility.

Our Polyeco Greenhouses are exceptionally versatile and do not necessitate a specific base preparation. They are thoughtfully engineered to be erected on various surfaces, including grass, fields, paddocks, and gardens. The only prerequisite is the ability to dig holes for the attached ground anchors, ensuring stability and security for your greenhouse installation. This adaptability makes setting up your Polyeco Greenhouse a straightforward and accessible process, regardless of your chosen location.

All Polyeco greenhouses are made from heavy duty galvanised steel.

Polyeco Greenhouses are meticulously engineered to provide impressive wind resistance, capable of withstanding winds of up to 65 mph when anchored properly. For added resilience, models like the Polyeco Classic can endure even higher winds, especially when ground anchors are securely concreted in place. To further enhance wind resistance, consider strategic placement of your greenhouse in a less exposed location and the use of concrete for securing ground anchors. These measures ensure that your Polyeco Greenhouse remains steadfast and reliable even in challenging weather conditions.