The Spade

Contemporary elegance with the Polyeco Spade Greenhouse, where sophistication meets functionality in perfect harmony.

The Spade

A sleek and modern aesthetic adds a touch of elegance to your garden, seamlessly integrating style with functionality.

Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade
Polyeco Spade

Polyeco Spade

Polyeco Spade Greenhouse – Your Premier Horticultural Haven


Elevate your gardening endeavors with the Polyeco Spade Greenhouse/Polytunnel, a cutting-edge fusion of modern design and unparalleled functionality. Crafted with a generous 2.5-meter width, this greenhouse features robust 4mm or 6mm polycarbonate panels, ensuring optimal light exposure and weather-resistant durability. The internal support bars fortify its structure, making it exceptionally strong to endure challenging conditions such as high winds and heavy snow loads.

The convenience of automated vents strategically positioned every 2 meters, providing seamless temperature regulation for your thriving plants. The inclusion of 30 cm ground anchors guarantees stability in diverse weather scenarios, making the Polyeco Spade a reliable choice for year-round cultivation.

Designed for both resilience and elegance, the Polyeco Spade Greenhouse boasts a sleek and contemporary aesthetic that will enhance the visual appeal of your garden. Invest in the future of your plants by choosing the Polyeco Spade – where style meets strength in perfect harmony.

Explore the Polyeco Spade Greenhouse  today to transform your gardening experience. Cultivate success with a greenhouse that prioritizes your plants' well-being while adding a touch of sophistication to your outdoor space.


  1. Durable Polycarbonate Panels: Choose between 4mm or 6mm polycarbonate panels, providing optimal light transmission while ensuring resilience against the elements.

  2. Spacious 2.5-Meter Width: Ample room for plant growth and easy access, maximizing your gardening space.

  3. Internal Support Bars for Structural Integrity: The greenhouse is exceptionally strong, capable of withstanding high winds and heavy snow loads, thanks to strategically placed internal support bars.

  4. Automated Vents for Temperature Control: Enjoy hassle-free temperature regulation with automated vents positioned every 2 meters, creating an ideal microclimate for your plants.

  5. Stability with 30 cm Ground Anchors: Designed for all weather conditions, the Polyeco Spade includes 30 cm ground anchors to ensure stability and reliability in diverse environments.

  6. Contemporary Design: A sleek and modern aesthetic adds a touch of elegance to your garden, seamlessly integrating style with functionality.

  7. Versatile Size Options: Choose from a range of sizes, starting at 2 meters and extending to accommodate various garden dimensions, ensuring a customized fit for your horticultural needs.

  8. Year-Round Gardening: The Polyeco Spade greenhouse is designed for year-round use, providing a protective environment for your plants in every season.

  9. Easy Assembly: With user-friendly assembly instructions, setting up your Polyeco Spade greenhouse is a straightforward process, saving you time and effort.

  10. High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium materials, the Polyeco Spade ensures long-lasting durability, making it a reliable investment for your gardening endeavors.


Greenhouse Polyeco Spade features:

  • Width: 2.5m.
  • Length: 2m; 4m; 6m; 8m
  • Ridge height: 2.45 m.
  • Door: 0.80 x 1.96 m
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Frame: Galvanised steel tubes
  • Snow load: 480 kg/m²
  • Tubes / fittings: 78 x 1 mm
  • Roof plate thickness: 6mm or 4mm
  • Side plate thickness: 6mm or 4mm
  • Colour: Silver
  • Water resistance: 100% Waterproof


Polycarbonate thickness
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Durable Polycarbonate Cover

The Polyeco Classic boasts a robust twin-wall, 4mm or 6mm thick polycarbonate cover, providing unparalleled plant durability and protection. Shield your garden from the elements and nurture your plants with confidence.

Stylish Strength for Every Season

Crafted with superb strength, this greenhouse is designed to withstand the harshest elements, from high winds to heavy snow loads. Its contemporary design adds a touch of style to your garden, making it a visual masterpiece.

Versatile Building Anywhere

The Polyeco Spade is not bound by limitations. Build it on any surface without the hassle of preparing a base. Whether on an existing hard standing base, a field, paddock, garden, or allotment, experience the freedom to choose your ideal growing location.


Enhanced Stability with Ground Anchoring: Every arch of our greenhouse is reinforced with two T-shaped anchors, each delving 1 foot deep, ensuring a robust foundation. Additionally, both front and rear pillars are secured with an extra T-shaped anchor. The total count of ground anchors varies based on the greenhouse's size and model. For instance, the Classic model features eight ground anchors for each 2-meter segment, providing exceptional stability and durability.

The standard kit includes one manual stable-type door with a window below and another window positioned at the rear of the greenhouse. If you desire additional doors, they are available as optional extras and can be added to both sides of the greenhouse for enhanced convenience and accessibility.

Our Polyeco Greenhouses are exceptionally versatile and do not necessitate a specific base preparation. They are thoughtfully engineered to be erected on various surfaces, including grass, fields, paddocks, and gardens. The only prerequisite is the ability to dig holes for the attached ground anchors, ensuring stability and security for your greenhouse installation. This adaptability makes setting up your Polyeco Greenhouse a straightforward and accessible process, regardless of your chosen location.

All Polyeco greenhouses are made from heavy duty galvanised steel.

Polyeco Greenhouses are meticulously engineered to provide impressive wind resistance, capable of withstanding winds of up to 65 mph when anchored properly. For added resilience, models like the Polyeco Classic can endure even higher winds, especially when ground anchors are securely concreted in place. To further enhance wind resistance, consider strategic placement of your greenhouse in a less exposed location and the use of concrete for securing ground anchors. These measures ensure that your Polyeco Greenhouse remains steadfast and reliable even in challenging weather conditions.