The Spade

2.5m wide

The Classic

3m wide

The House

2.3m wide

The Tube

3m wide

The Ace

custom sizes

Welcome to Polyeco Greenhouses

Welcome to PolyEco Greenhouses, your go-to destination for premium polytunnels designed to elevate your gardening experience! Navigating the vast array of greenhouse options can be daunting, but at PolyEco, we're here to simplify the process for you.

Discover our cost-effective polytunnels, offering a practical alternative to traditional glass greenhouses and budget plastic structures. Surprisingly, our polytunnels boast a cost per square foot three times more affordable than their glass counterparts of equal size.

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Strong and sturdy

This sturdy greenhouse will be especially suited for areas with snow or high winds, but will of course, work perfectly anywhere

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